Jed Griffin

Jed Griffin

Jed Griffin is CTO at Gain ICs, in Falcon Colorado, where his efforts have led to the development of instantaneous loops and their verification in a new wireless architecture, instantaneous wireless. This work has led to a number of prestigious recognitions, such as the award by Hello Tomorrow, where Gain ICs was selected as one the 5 topmost innovative information technology (IT) companies in the world. His background includes 20 years in analog integrated circuit (IC) design, where he holds some 27 patents and has worked in high profile design projects, including high-speed clocking for high volume processor chips at Intel. He spent 10 years at Intel in Oregon where he became distinguished for his analog design skills. At the Design Test and Technology Conference (DTTC) in 2000, Intel’s most prestigious internal design conference, he was awarded the “Outstanding Presentation” award. He was selected by Intel to present regularly at DTTC. He was a presenter at external design conferences also, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Solid-state Design Conference in San Francisco. He holds computer science and electrical engineering degrees from Utah State University and the University of Colorado.

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