2022 Process Automation Trends Uncovered by Forrester – Webinar Recording


Webinar Recording: 2022 Process Automation Trends Uncovered

On January 25, FlowForma hosted a webinar alongside Forrester Analyst, John Bratincevic and FlowForma CTO, Gerard Newman to discuss their process automation predictions for 2022.

No code digitization tools and forward-thinking automation are in high demand by organizations that want to improve business processes and drive operational efficiencies. With pressures to quickly adapt to ever-changing environments, organizations have questions on reducing costs and improving productivity through the latest automation strategies and tools.

Webinar Highlights

– Why process automation is critical – now and more so in the future

– How organizations can get their business working as a team to accelerate the democratization of citizen development

– Why customer expectations and market competition require organizations to become more innovative and invest in continuous improvement

Watch the recording here!