AI-Powered Threat Forecasting Technology


Security specialists now have advanced, AI-driven workforce management technology at their disposal. With the final goal to improve safety and reduce risk, Allied Universal recently propelled HELIAUS.
HELIAUS is meant to present better results for Allied Universal’s clients through advanced workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and reliable data capture and visualization that recognizes not only what is likely to occur, but what to do to drive better consequences.
Motivated by the power of the sun and Helios, the sun god of Greek mythology, it is the acumen clients, operation teams, and Security Professionals require. More importantly, it is understanding aligned with actions that are essential, fundamental, and improve results.
At first look, it may look like just another trip or incident management system but do not be fooled. HELIAUS is unconventional. Security Professionals, when fortified with the mobile application, have everything they require to most effectively do their job—and take efforts that are designed to prevent incidents.
Did you know that various other tour and incident management practices still rely on the ‘detect and answer’ model? HELIAUS is a give-and-get system. What this suggests is information obtained with a HELIAUS mobile device will be absorbed into a more significant data source. Fuelled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine employing exclusive algorithms, the technology can identify exemplars of risk and generate recommendations created to prevent an incident from happening.
Employing Bluetooth and GPS technology, HELIAUS automatically indicates tour action and facilitates prompt communication and response. This means no circumstance where a Security Professional is posted at a customer site, they are always attached, always situationally aware, and primed to react most efficiently. The AI uses this information to recognize what’s likely to appear at a client’s site regarding safety and protection incidents and then automatically recommends workflows to their security professionals conquer accidents and negligence.