Automated Metallic 3D Printing Pilot Project


The NextGenAM automated metallic additive manufacturing (AM) design will work on a composition line for partners EOS, Premium Aerotec, and Daimler. The technology can 3D print metal parts, synthetics, and ceramics.
Originated in 2017, the project produces digitized next-generation manufacturing orders to more cost-effectively provide aluminum parts for the automotive and aerospace areas. NextGenAM tests have demonstrated overall production process expenses at Premium Aerotec could be lessened up to 50 percent.
An expandable additive production chain excludes manual work throughout the method, from data preparation and accessible powder supply to AM build, heat processing, quality support, and separating parts from the build platform.
Quality controls have been promising, so partners are planning for an audit according to industry norms. Automating the whole AM production chain will permit manufacturing of larger quantities in series production – with the same authenticity, functionality, stability, and economic efficiency as conventionally produced components.
PrintRite3D technology incorporated by Sigma Labs Inc. has proven process flexibility and product quality in metal additive manufacturing (AM), as per a research study sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Open Manufacturing Program and administered with Honeywell Aerospace at Honeywell’s Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Center. Portions of the study were published in the journal Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation.
Linde and Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS colluded to optimize the advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) for aluminum aircraft parts, demonstrating the requirement for precise oxygen amount in the printer chamber for quality ingredients. HRL Laboratories LLC is popularizing its additively manufactured (AM) high-strength aluminum, the primary additive alloy registered by the Aluminum Association. The Aluminum Association manages alloy registration and product standards applied throughout the industry. The association’s new additive alloy certification system was launched in February 2019.
Appending to its customized additive manufacturing (AM), Henkel has procured U.S.-based 3D printing and manufacturing inkjet company Molecule Corp. Molecule’s technology and engineering hub in California also expands the global 3D printing footprint of Henkel Adhesives Technologies. They now provide 3D printing assistance to their customers in all major countries around the world.