Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Acquires Cytobank


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences recently announced its takeover of Cytobank, a privately owned, single cell data analysis, software as a service (SaaS) business based in Santa Clara, California.
Cytobank presents an industry-leading, machine learning and cloud-based software platform for multi-parametric single-cell data analysis, distribution, and safekeeping. The platform stimulates research productivity by facilitating efficient high-dimensional multi-omics information analysis, collaboration, and visualization across various sites. The technology partners naturally with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ CytoFLEX LX 21-color flow cytometer to satisfy the growing high-complication in the workflow and data analysis requirements of basic and clinical investigation scientists.
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences cultivates, manufactures, and markets commodities that analyze, automate, and innovate sophisticated biomedical experimentation. For more than seven decades, their products have been making a distinction in people’s lives by enhancing the productivity of medical professionals and specialists, supplying critical data for improving patient wellness and delivering advanced solutions for research and discovery. Scientists use their life science research apparatuses to study complex biological difficulties, including causes of disease and possible new therapies or drugs.
According to the Flow Cytometry Business Unit Vice President and General Manager, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Mario Koksch they are excited to add Cytobank’s innovative software answers and customer workflow-focused team to their flow cytometry business. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can now provide more regulated, yet flexible high-end data analytics answers to Pharma/Biopharma and leading Academic clinical research customers.
According to President & CEO, Cytobank, David Craford, Cytobank looks forward to connecting Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and leveraging synergies to help them further evolve and support their platform to serve leading scientists worldwide.