ContentsDeal Project Placing Copyright on Blockchain


ContentsDeal is utilizing the blockchain to interpret traditional, complex distribution structures and guarantee the copyright holders – the content creators and artists – and the distributors are compensated justly for their performance.

Musicians, graphic novelists, visual artists, videographers, and many other producers can all receive the benefits of ContentsDeal’s proof of ownership idea which impresses ownership rights to a portion of content into a block in the blockchain. By performing so, the grounds for a part of the material are registered immutably for all to view.

ContentsDeal divides its business up depending on the particular type of content that requires to be managed. The team committed to music is made up of, Iconic Sounds group, a global music publishing, and production company. There is further a team dedicated to webtoons called Comica, which will be accountable for ensuring webtoon artists have a floor to secure the copyright on their productions.

The blockchain is also employed to send and obtain payments using its native cryptographic design, manage user membership identities, and keep a trusted permanent history of all transactions that transpire on the platform.

So if you are a content producer, and tired of the old ways, you can display part of and constitute towards ContentsDeal through its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). It’s kind of like an initial coin offering (ICO), but there are significant subtle yet significant differences. Which include:

The corporeality on the platform will be chosen by the ContentsDeal foundation and administered in limited quantities. Just like with other crypto transfers, the content can be viewed as a tradable cryptocurrency.

Thankfulness to the unique advantages for the artists and content producers, ContentsDeal will share work that’s high-quality and only proceeds in limited editions, suggesting that other streaming sites cannot diffuse it. Few of the content will be platform-exclusive, such as different collaborations between global top artists and K-pop artists.

The Deal, ContentsDeal’s native token, has been placed on one of Korea’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinZest. The startups IEO concept is now proving that there is an interest in the market for a token expiation of this type. It’s unquestionably a unique concept, but if ContentsDeal can garner the support of recognized industry players, it might help implement some of the first moves into using the blockchain to maintain copyright for content all over the world.