Cybersecurity in School Curriculum


With cyberthreat evolving with each passing day and cybercriminals enhancing themselves as new technologies are born to curb these threats, it is the need of the hour to start imparting proper education related to the same. According to experts, it is crucial that students are taught to think more about how they are engaging with technology in their lives and requires more than just giving the students a quick lesson once a year. It is a subject which needs to become part and parcel of daily lives as more and more people venture towards the internet and accept the various threats unknowingly.

It is pertinent to mention that most students in the U.S. now have ingress to computers in the vicinity of their homes. That is, up to 94 percent of kids age between 3 and 18 as of 2015. One should also note that out of these approximately 61 percent of this population has online access as well. It is one of the most important reasons to impart the cybersecurity lesson to the students apart from the fact that they may be giving out their details at various phishing sites.

The point in context is that at present even adults are making grievous mistakes by downloading unknown software or applications and agreeing to various terms and conditions without reading the same and consenting to unknown threats. If adults can make such blunders, then children are not secure either and may end up giving access to information that need not be public. Hence, imparting cybersecurity-related knowledge among the younger generation, we are educating them about the various threats that loom on the internet and how they can secure their data. According to reports some of the lessons are already at play, which includes what we teach middle school kids during a robotics class at West Ridge Middle School. Here the students are being encouraged to think about privacy and drone laws. They also educate them about how playing with technology, and similar toys may be fun for them, but others may not have a similar fun, and that can cause a breach of privacy.

Hence, we can conclude that cybersecurity lessons should be made mandatory in schools so that the students know what the present and future beholds for them when they fire up their computers to search or download something.