Cybersecurity Trends in 2019


With ushering in of a new year, there is a growing need to continuously update an organization’s Cyber Security infrastructure and make it one of the central most crucial point in the working of the company. It has become essential to analyze the role of security across any organization that one is a part of because today with each passing day as technology evolves with the unprecedented rate so are the threats which can impact a business. With it being established that cybersecurity is of utmost importance that may affect any organizations’ productivity and development here are a few trends in cyber security that one needs to keep in mind as the year progresses ahead.

Zero Trust Model is all set to Change

For the naïve, Zero trust model removes the idea that internal players are reliable individuals who mean no damage. Zero trust security incessantly evaluates an individual’s actions and behavior to determine and eliminate potential threats that may arise in the future. It is also important to note that zero trusts have laid the foundation for digital belief by permitting IT to build a ‘digital fingerprint’ of their employees. They have established a comprehensive behavioral profile for each user that involves information such as the devices they are using and the location at which they are using the same. Digital trust permits a user admittance to applications and systems, provided that they remain accordant with their profile resulting in giving the users the ability to access data and applications more efficiently.

The growth of Biometric Security in Firms

As per experts the investments that will be made in the biometric market is all set to rise by nearly 25 percent from 2018 to 2019. Although biometric as a concept may sound overawed, once people realize that they are already utilizing it, fingerprint scanners and at present retina and face detection software on their smartphones, the ease will seep into the picture. As per reports biometric security market is already valued at around $16.8 Bn and increasing the valuation to $41.8 Bn by 2023. This says that if any firm is serious about their security, they will be installing the same as a means of safeguarding their assets from employees that may pose as a threat.

General Data Protection Regulation Market is all set to Increase

Expect General Data Protection Regulation compliance services market to gain momentum as more and more companies try to close-out the breaches that have resulted in a demand for safeguarding for personal information with Google+ being a prime example. While General Data Protection Regulation is necessarily better for both customers as well as firms alike, on a short term front, it poses an issue for the organizations who need to comply with the policies in a limited time frame.

One can conclude that the organizational effect of all of these trends would be seen in the way companies approach their security. However, one can be sure that more & more firms will be accepting the approach of using Cybersecurity as a built-in technology and its applications will be conceptualized, designed, approved, and built by the internal teams.