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Virtual Odors Next Big-thing in Video Chats

For us, video chats have been looking and hearing at our family and friends and having communication. However, in a recent turn of events...

The Growing Importance of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become an essential part of our daily life, all around the world. However, there are growing concerns if AI...

Educating Students about Agriculture

Agriculture is one sector which is being influenced by technology at an unprecedented rate. Today, one can say that modern farms and agricultural operations...

How Technology is Enhancing the Legal Sector

The legal industry is undergoing an era of transformation and change today worldwide, and these advancements are unmistakable and different. Now, data management and...

AI Enhancing Maternal Health Quality

With technological evolution, one can observe that all the industries have been disrupted in this age of Information Technology. We can say this in...

Quantum Technology to Stop GPS Hacking

Today, GPS or Global Positioning System is part and parcel of our lives; unfortunately it is getting undefendable against hacking. This is a crucial...

Traveling Technology: The New Age of Tourists

Today with technological evolution it is safe to say that most of our work is being influenced via the latest innovations. Similarly, the marriage...

Agriculture & Technology

With technology influencing our lives with each passing day how can the most important sector in our society be left untouched? In the field...

Food & Technology: The Next Level of Food Chain

With each passing day, technology is influencing our daily lives at an unprecedented rate, and there is something new being introduced. So much so...

Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare sector has adopted technology at an unprecedented speed and today technology is in every department creating a difference in offering caregiving. Recently, ACT...
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