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Smart Shelf Technology Changing Shopping Experience

The shopping experience worldwide is being transformed allowing to technological evolution. While shopping one now has to start paying more attention to the supermarket...

Sheep Breeding with Technology

Australia is spearheading a revolutionary technology where they can team the best male with the best female to create a perfect match and all...

Visual Technology to Ease Shopping Woes

Walmart has built their own in-house visual search technology, and the testing grounds for the same comes in the form of Hayneedle, the home...

Primary Care Getting Expensive

The American primary care is witnessing major crisis at present owing to the inaccessibility, steadily reducing resources and increasing costs are causing people across...

Facial Recognition Easing the Process of Eating

Gone are those days when facial recognition was limited for specific sectors like for example the law enforcement and border security departments. Today, the...

Shifting to Cloud

There are numerous reasons for the sudden surge in the cloud migration, but they all share a common theme which is for most businesses,...

How Technology is Influencing Food Arena

Today the food arena is witnessing a massive transformation owing to factors like population growth, shifts in urbanization to global economic development. Globalization of...

Enhanced Waste Management

According to the "Global Waste Recycling Market Outlook, 2018" report the global market revenue is likely to increase from $265.61 Bn in 2017 to...

Amazon Cashierless Facility to Revolutionize Shopping

Amazon has opened the doors of their first cashierless store to the public this year, and coming year Amazon already has plans to open...

Artificial Heart Valve to Revolutionize Healthcare

Technological evolution has changed the healthcare industry drastically all around the world and India is not far behind. India is accepting technological breakthroughs with...
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User Experience: What, How Much and for How Long?

GSK, Lloyds Banking Group and International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association join XR Intelligence.London: XR experts are getting ready to join a webinar to...
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