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Deep Fakes Will Hurt Your Business: Know What to Do About It

Fake video and audio streams are ruining the reputations of executives and the companies.  In some cases, these fake videos are published as a...

The Halving of the Bitcoin Would Shake the Future Cryptocurrency Market

If you are not a regular follower of the bitcoin news, then you probably have missed the next big news for the upcoming year....

LeadingReach & Catalyst Enhance Patient Care to the Tune of $50 Million in Three...

How good has been the real-time consumer tracking process leveraged by online shopping and retailers? Excellent, isn’t it? Have primary care physicians been as...

Cyber Insurance is Hard to Place Because of Lack of Stability

An over-all 680 breach reports were submitted to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada when Canadians firms were subject to obligatory breach...

AI Engineers Face Test: How can their Algorithms Help Patients on A Real-time Basis?

ROCHESTER, Minn.-  It would confuse anyone if a machine learning engineer is given access to the cardiac operating rooms of a renowned American hospital....

Reuters Events Announces an Exclusive Webinar on Auto Insurance Product Development

Reuters event is hosting a free to attend webinar on how to Enrich Auto Product Development Innovation with Fresh New Data (December 20th, 10.00...

Fintech startup Qwil Receives $200 Million in Debt Funding and $24.4 Million in Equity

Qwil, a startup known to offer financing to small businesses and freelancers, has raised approximately $200 million in debt funding and $24.4 million in...

European Cyber Security Report

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) recently published a report on the cybersecurity of smart cars. The report aims to promote cybersecurity for...

Foam Partner Q&A: A Look Inside the World of Polyurethane Manufacturing

The arrangement to visit the brand-new Rochester Hills facility, and state-of-the-art home of FoamPartner, was an integral part of the Foam Expo tour of...

Why Your Competitors are Attending Foam Expo North America 2020

“The experience has been fantastic. You’re bringing everyone together in the entire industry. It spans all applications in one location, and you have everyone...
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