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Retail Brands Using Technology to Enrich Customer Experience

As the pandemic outbreak disrupted the normalcy in the retail sector, many retailers were faced with the task of not just sustaining their businesses...

How AI can assist in Identifying IoT (Internet of Things) Vulnerabilities

The IoT (Internet of Things) solutions have been accepted by the companies in every industry to a large extent and very rapidly. But this...

Siemens Energy to Study Hydrogen Use

The research on the use of hydrogen as a low or no carbon fuel source and energy storage as well, the Siemens Energy, Duke...

Chemical and Biological Processes to Make Plastic More Recyclable

Plastic is continuously piling up in landfills, oceans and our environment. Plastic has become a fixed part of our everyday life in the form...

View Point Health Transformed Its Telemedicine Offering

The View Point Health is a behavioral health agency based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which serves Medicaid to uninsured and underinsured individuals. The Problem The View Point...
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