Enhanced Waste Management


According to the “Global Waste Recycling Market Outlook, 2018” report the global market revenue is likely to increase from $265.61 Bn in 2017 to $282.1 Bn in 2018. This does not include the income from plastic recycling industry, which itself poses an enormous business occasion and the market size is estimated at $37.6 Bn in 2018, a momentous growth of 7.1 percent from 2017. Alongside principles of sustainability, disruptive technologies, and innovative business models are likely to transform the landscape of waste recycling market.

In the waste and recycling industry, firms are beginning to leverage the eyes and ears of the people they already employ—their drivers. Instead of spending more on hiring sales representatives, they have started taking advantage of technology & high-impact campaigns to make the best use of their workforce in the field. An innovative organization Gopher Leads is providing a SaaS-based solution which is made of a downloadable mobile application for front-line users and a customer relationship management (CRM) system for the management and sales team of a waste firm. The company’s SaaS-based solution connects drivers to sales seamlessly, providing an intuitive and engaging platform for both parties. The drivers can share warm leads as and when they get it and earn rewards and communicate in real time with sales.

Recently, a Houston-based Waste Management launched a Gopher Leads program to augment their teamwork between sales and operations. Drivers can use the Gopher application to send back opportunities from the field and can acquire incentives. Transactions can take action and communicate directly with each driver to help close business faster. The entire process has become far more accessible and understandable as the whole team is helpful in every step of the way and completely involved in the launch. According to the users, clear and concise communication with constant availability and support is not possible however the Gopher team came as a blessing in disguise to take the company to new heights.

The Gopher app has increased the amount of business Waste Management has acquired from the field. It also has created an economical way to get leads from the area to sales and have them act on them immediately. Currently, Waste Management has thousands of points in the pipeline with a pretty solid conversion.

Introduced in 2016, the Gopher app is congruous with all smartphones and a web dashboard compatible with almost all browser. It also has an automated driver remuneration system and payout. The company employs the same geo-tagging technology as Google Maps to instantly locate the address of the driver leads. Recent modification have been made to the app, including an innovative driver safety feature that preserves drivers from using the app while driving over a set speed, Salesforce, and other customer relationship management combinations and new lead mapping.

Various firms have started to see drivers reporting more than just sales opportunities. Some things being witnessed are seeing from other businesses include employee referrals—fight the driver shortage by incentivizing employees to assist in recruitment and send the contact details immediately to HR, service requests—streamlining customer service problems in the field right back to the service team and safety issues. Gopher is presently working hands-on with companies to produce customized campaigns to fit their needs.