FireWatch Solutions Launches New Insider Threat Program with Clearspeed’s Voice Analytics Technology


Partnership with Clearspeed Bolsters FireWatch’s Already Robust Security Package!

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 15, 2021 – FireWatch Solutions, a premier risk management organization offering custom protective solutions to clients around the globe, has announced the launch of the company’s Insider Threat Program which incorporates Clearspeed’s voice analytics technology. Clearspeed provides a new way to identify risk and reduce fraud at scale based on an individual’s vocal response, in any language, and without human bias.

FireWatch Solutions is incorporating Clearspeed technology as part of its holistic security package to better screen vendors and visitors to a client’s company or residence. It provides a tremendous technological advantage to existing investigative methods, the company says.

FireWatch will use Clearspeed as part of an already robust security package to help clients identify potential insider threat risks. According to the company, there are numerous threats faced by an organization both external and internal. As the larger and more complex an organization grows, the higher the likelihood of an insider threat caused by an employee, according to the company. An insider can cause untold levels of damage ranging from theft of intellectual property, enabling cyber breaches, causing reputational damage, or at worst causing physical injury.

Firewatch believes there is a constant balance that must be maintained between the duty of care to employees and a robust internal vetting program to consistently evaluate threats presented by internal staff. FireWatch CEO Brian von Kraus has had firsthand experience with Clearspeed technology. He states that the voice analytics methodology allows for focused testing of employees, tailored to an organization’s unique risk profile. The speed of the test, which often takes less than a 5-min phone call, allows for seamless integration into a company’s daily activities. “It allows for easy scalability and is not resource-intensive. Furthermore, in addition to this broad-based usage, it is a strong tool to augment internal investigations, greatly speeding up the process and reducing time and resource costs,” said von Kraus.

Von Kraus added: “I’ve seen it used in non-profit organizations working overseas, to gig economy corporations, to military use, to corporations with sensitive intellectual property.”

Vetting is not a one-time operation, according to the company. Initial HR processes are vital to hiring the right mix of people, but life changes happen, says von Kraus. “The culture at work may change, there may be personal issues at play, financial pressures may add up, a conflict between an employee and supervisor may trigger hostilities, and depending on the nature of the organization, organized crime and even foreign intelligence agencies may be targeting employees to gain access,” he said.

It is impossible to predict which driver may turn a valued employee into a threat. The only way to deter this threat is to have a consistent and comprehensive vetting process that does not disrupt the essential business activities, according to FireWatch.                         

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