Fountain Healthcare to Invest in Life Sciences Start-ups


Dublin and New York organization Fountain Healthcare Partners has concluded its third fund with €118m raised, surpassing its initial €100m target. Fund III is a life science concentrating venture capital fund and brings Fountain Healthcare’s total funds under management to €294m.
As per Aidan King, co-founder and managing partner of Fountain Healthcare, life sciences advances to be one of the best-performing areas for investor returns, driven by a constant stream of IPOs and trade sales. And, a strong desire for life science investments is a representation of investors’ belief in the underlying increase dynamics of the sector and the investment revenue opportunities presented by innovative life science businesses.
Financing in life sciences
Inside the life sciences area, Fund III will primarily concentrate on specialty biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical appliances. Fountain Healthcare will consume a majority of the capital in Fund III within Europe but assumes to also give investments in the US market. Fund III is scheduled to produce 10 to 12 investments in predominantly private life sciences businesses.
Investors in Fund III are inclusive of the European Investment Fund, Coolidge Limited (an investment agency of Dermot Desmond), the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and AIB.
As per Dr. Manus Rogan, co-founder and managing partner at Fountain Healthcare, Fountain’s financing strategy focuses on building a well-balanced portfolio of companies with the corresponding risk and return profiles within the life science area. This maneuvering has resulted in a substantial collection of investments for both Fund I and Fund II. The execution of their first and second funds is indicated in both the level and quality of new and current investor participation in Fund III. With €118m proposed, Fountain Healthcare are also pleased to have surpassed their initial close target of €100m.
With approximately €300m of capital under management, Fountain Healthcare is Ireland’s biggest dedicated life science investment capital fund. Fountain Healthcare will proceed to seek opportunities to recognize life science investment possibilities with exciting potential both in Ireland and globally. Fountain Healthcare’s capacity to deploy significant capital together with their proven track record of assisting early-stage companies in commercializing their potential positions them as a partner of preference for ambitious life science extension companies.