Google Introduces Pocket-friendly Pixel


Google has recently introduced a high-performance Pixel phone aimed at the mid-level segment of the market, giving high competition to manufacturers who are increasing their phone’s price. The new phone is a part of a wide-ranging offering to developers of Google’s latest software, hardware, and privacy efforts.

The Pixel 3a phone has a plethora of artificial intelligence features which are being in their flagship designs and has been priced from USD 399. According to the Google executives who inaugurated their annual I/O developers convention near its office in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View, the phone is all set to make a difference in this market.

As per Rick Osterloh, the Google head of hardware there has been a disturbing trend of high-end phones getting more pricier. Hence, Google challenged themselves to present a high-end phone with exclusive features via their new Pixel 3a in pocket-friendly price.

As per the Google executive, the price is half of what is being demanded by the latest generation high-end smartphones but has all the top-end features including a camera, digital assistant, and other applications.

Forrester Research principal analyst Frank Gillett presenting his viewpoint on the phone said that Google has redefined what a mid-ranged phone can offer. However, Google not yet shared what is lagging in the phone in terms of hardware. Everyone knows that Google’s proficiency is software, so getting characteristics like artificial intelligence to work on inexpensive smartphones adds to the internet giant’s power, according to experts.

Allowing artificial intelligence to manage sophisticated features on a smartphone means limited user data needs to be dispensed with online data centers to execute tasks, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated while discussing steps being exercised to strengthen privacy and security of consumers. As per Pichai, the company wants to offer more to the users, but do it with less data over time. He firmly believes that privacy and security need to be accessible to everyone.

The Pixel 3a will be introduced in a secure smartphone market, especially when it comes to high-end models, with Google having disappointed to accumulate significant market portion.