How Great North Equipment Overcame Manual Processes with Widespread Automation


FlowForma Customer Webinar:

March 9, 2022 | 11am EDT / 4pm GMT

Join us on March 9, for a webinar alongside FlowForma customer, Greg Dowell, CFO at Great North Equipment and Shay O’Connor, Head of Solutions at FlowForma as they share how the fastest-growing wellhead and frac company in Western Canada is achieving widespread adoption of process automation by digitizing processes such as Risk Assessment, Incident Reporting, Onboarding, Offboarding and more!

During this webinar, you will hear first-hand advice on tackling digitization in construction and manufacturing and how to remove manual daily tasks with no code process automation.

Why Attend This Webinar:

– To hear first-hand advice on tackling process automation in the construction and manufacturing industries.

– Expert tips and tricks on improving your remote workforce communications by eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes.

– How to digitize daily tasks with no code process automation to improve process visibility, manage suppliers and avoid overruns.

– A demonstration of the FlowForma Construction Process Accelerator!

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