Insurance Companies Associates with 3D Capture Technology Developer


EMC Insurance Companies, Commercial P&C insurer has declared a partnership with 3D capture technology business Matterport.
EMC had earlier utilized Matterport’s scans of real-life characteristics affected by disasters to document damages and casualties. With the new company, Matterport’s tech will be used across EMC’s other disciplines – which include applications, loss control, and modification. EMC will also use Matterport’s software and hardware to build 3D training programs for both employment and loss control representatives.
The partnership begins after Matterport started the Matterport Cloud 3.0 earlier this time. The subscription-based cloud platform is intended to make 3D capture technology more available to the insurance, architecture, engineering, real estate, architecture, and photography businesses. The platform is fuelled by the company’s proprietary software, which converts panoramic 360-degree images into 3D models.
“Matterport’s technology is a convenient application in the insurance trade, and we are proud to be amidst the leaders adopting it in multiple capacities,” stated EMC Insurance Companies property review manager Gary Friess.
“With numerous insurers ramping up their employment of Matterport, partnering with EMC to support them deploy Matterport on commercial applications is a big step for us with this critical segment, which remains a fundamental area of growth for us,” replied Tomer Poran, Matterport head of insurance and mortgage sector.