Insurance Technology Platform Hi Marley gets Funding


Recently, insurance technology company Hi Marley stated that early stage venture capital company True Ventures had led its USD 8.7 million Series A funding round, with assistance from Underscore VC.
Hi Marley is transforming the insurance industry through its intelligent conversational platform. The messaging resolution works alongside insurance bearers to modernize consumer conversations by connecting the whole insurance ecosystem. Hi Marley streamlines information around underwriting, claims, and service communications to enhance the customer experience. This improves retention and lifetime benefit while reducing expenses and cycle time. By combining siloed entities that happen within a typical consumer experience – carriers, brokers, and service providers – Hi Marley urges better outcomes for consumers, insurers, and their associates.
Hi Marley automates the applications process while still maintaining a very human component, as stated by industry representatives. For all stakeholders in the insurance environment, the platform enables a different level of customer satisfaction the industry has never before witnessed. True Ventures acquired the National Venture Capital Association’s 2018 Firm of the Year Award and have an authoritative track record of backing SaaS businesses with secure product-market fit. The patron of the firm validates Hi Marley’s imagination to empower the insurance environment with an AI-driven platform.
The company is beyond excited to have True Ventures and Underscore unite with them as they fill the communication rift between insurers and their consumers, Hi Marley is far into the age of the consumer, and the insurance industry requires the same. The company wanted to give a solution that’s single purpose is to delight the end consumer by delivering what they expect. To build a seamless customer insurance encounter, they are combining all the numerous insurance members into an exclusive conversation, occurring in real time. They are ecstatic to expand this service for the world.
Hi Marley is situated in thriving downtown Boston, which sparked assistance and backing from local venture funds firm Underscore. Creating on the founders’ profound industry experience and tapping into Boston’s enormous talent pool, the Hi Marley team is well placed to transform customer experience beyond the insurance ecosystem. The team at Underscore, alongside their Core community, are pleased to be a local partner alongside the Hi Marley team. Underscore’s community-driven pattern aligns perfectly beside Hi Marley’s community-focused platform to ease the communication barrier, so carriers and consumers can move forward concurrently.