Millennials and Gen Zers are Most likely to fall for Phishing Emails, Study Finds


According to data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, Millennials and Gen Zers in the United States are more likely to fall for phishing emails than their older counterparts. Overall, more than one-fifth (23%) of people from Gen Z and the Millennial generation have fallen for phishing emails in the past.

The report shows that:

  • More than one-fifth (23%) of Gen Z and Millennial adults have fallen for phishing emails in the past.
  • The number drops to 19% when it comes to Gen Xers and 9% when it comes to Baby Boomers.
  • More than half (52%) of Millennials and Gen Zers also have had a password stolen, while 48% have had a social media account hacked or hijacked.
  • Only 32% of adults in the country worry about their data and security when using the internet at work, while 36% are concerned about their privacy — the numbers nearly double when it comes to using the internet at home or using the public WiFi network.

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