NanoVibronix Enters into 2 Year Agreement with UPPI for PainShield


NanoVibronix, Inc., a medical device company known for its portable products such as PainShield®, WoundShield®, UroShield®, and WoundShield® Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) enters into a two-year agreement with Ultra Pain Products or UPPI for the distribution of PainShield™ devices and various components through and by Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Distributors in the US.

Brian Murphy, CEO of NanoVibronix, says, “Teaming with Ultra Pain Products provides us with a solid, proven distribution channel that further supports our growth objectives and facilitates the smooth delivery of products and management of relationships with both local and regional Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers.”

He adds, “With an established pipeline, Ultra Pain Products will play a critical role in delivering our opioid-free pain management solution to healthcare providers and their patients at a time when social distancing is critical. Ultra’s established billing capabilities in workers’ compensation, private insurance, and motor vehicle insurance will enable quality customer service for buyers and more predictable management of working capital for us.”

As per this two-year selective understanding, the UPPI gets the conveyance rights to sell the most current model of PainShield MD and its parts, for example, the single-utilize custom day by day dressing, new ergonomic structure, and others through DME wholesalers. NanoVibronix gets an underlying buy request and minimum yearly quantities that have to be accomplished in return.

This understanding is dependent upon the least unit evaluating cutoff points, and bi-monthly request amount in the first and foremost year that upsurges and changes into quarterly order sums in the subsequent year.

Ari Alayev, President of Ultra Pain Products, Inc., also shares his thoughts about this agreement, “Our agreement comes at a critical time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, providing us with a unique opportunity to apply our strengths in sales, marketing and reimbursement to bring the PainShield product to the US and further advance the treatment of patients in a safe, remote setting.”

He further states, “We are committed to providing solutions that enable healthcare providers to meet patients’ pain management needs, regardless of the setting, and partnering with NanoVibronix reinforces this commitment. Through our agreement, we are equipped to deliver what we believe is one of the greatest and most admirable contributions to the medical community for targeting the opioid crisis.”

PainShield is one of the well-known ultrasound gadgets, involving reusable driver unit and disposables, such as an exclusive cover adhesive transducer. This device offers a localized ultrasound effect to treat aching and induce soothing of soft tissue in a given area while maintaining the level of ultrasound energy at a steady and nontoxic level. A portion of its application incorporates serious and ceaseless pain resolution utilizing different systems of activity.

One can use the PainShield at any place, be it their home, office, or clinical setting. It tends to be utilized even while an individual is resting. Some of its benefits include quick recovery time, ease of use, increased safety, high compliance, and enhanced efficacy compared to other tools that rely on high-frequency ultrasound.