New Severe Care Telemedicine Cart for Virtual Specialist Care


Recently, telemedicine specialist American Well rolled out a new offering named American Well 760 Cart, a new product that gives critical care teams at health systems virtually produce a specialist on site. This new technology, which can run on American Well’s software or a current Cisco infrastructure, is an FDA-registered Class 1 equipment.

As per the company, this new technology can be utilized in a myriad of circumstances including telestroke and telepsychiatry cases. For instance, the system would allocate an emergency room physician to connect to a neurologist if a stroke was speculated. The neurologist would be effectively to see the patient, scans, and reports, and then support the ER doctor in getting the right analysis and treatment.

In an extension to the primary goal of bringing a specialist into the room, the cart will accommodate touch panel controls, a high-performance camera with a 20x zoom to enhance image clarity and the Cisco Plus Codec.

The reason why this new technology is crucial because it has been designed to help give clinicians in hospitals more admittance to specialists. As the experts say that today healthcare organizations are trying to extend the reach of providers to develop access to and efficiency of care. This is where the American Well 760 Cart comes in by offering something different. The cart can assist hospitals to immerse their providers in remote facilities by extending their reach and enhancing care.

It is pertinent to mention, American Well is amongst the renowned telemedicine organizations in the US. In fact, as per a recent survey that was done by mobile app analytics firm is the most downloaded telemedicine application in the country. It is also an unusually well-funded company. This is not the first time American Well has confirmed their interest in the acute care area.