Partnership Agreement Gives FireWatch Solutions and Salama Fikira Expanded Reach in Security Services


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., January 21, 2021 – FireWatch Solutions Inc., a leading global security solutions provider, has signed a partnering agreement with Salama Fikira, a leading multinational security and risk management provider, which will provide expanded market opportunities for both companies. The teaming arrangement expands the market reach of both companies and effectively establishes FireWatch Solutions as the U.S. arm of Salama Fikira, supporting all security activities throughout the U.S.

“We’re thrilled to enter into a formal teaming arrangement with Salama Fikira in order to support their clients in the United States,” said Brian von Kraus, CEO and Founder of FireWatch Solutions. Von Kraus’ professional relationship with Salama Fikira began several years ago during his work supporting non-governmental organizations in Africa. He often collaborated with the firm and was consistently impressed by the high-quality and attentiveness of their work.

“For my existing U.S. clients, I can now reach out to a partner with a global footprint to better support their overseas requirements,” said Von Kraus.

“Our partnership with FireWatch is an important element in our long-term growth strategy to position us globally with expanded operational capabilities,” said Dylan Evans, Executive Director of Salama Fikira.

Formed in 2005, the Salama Fikira group of companies is a specialist security, risk management and logistics provider, operating across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Since its inception, the company has prided itself on discrete and innovative service delivery tailored to its clients’ requirements. Salama Fikira is a multinational company with regional expertise that protects clients and their people, assets, and reputation, wherever they operate.

Instantly recognizable as a specialist Africa security and risk management provider, Salama Fikira has been through a period of significant expansion and growth in recent years. The company reorganized and restructured its posture, corporate organisation, and group leadership to enable expansion and grow its international operational capability. In 2019, Asia Security and Protection Group Limited (ASAP) merged with Salama Fikira to expand its footprint into Asia and in 2020 Salama Fikira Latin America was formed. Finally, in 2019, Salama Fikira also established its international head office in the United Kingdom. This development enabled the company to provide comprehensive support in the U.K. and Europe, where they have been delivering services to key clients for a protracted period.

FireWatch Solutions Operations CenterFireWatch Solutions Inc., founded in 2016 by von Kraus, provides tailored security services to support each client’s unique requirements. Initially focused on supporting non-government organizations (NGOs) working in high-risk locations overseas, the company has expanded domestically in 2020 to provide traditional security services to include executive protection, event security, estate security, and other guard services.

Currently, the company has three NGO clients with von Kraus acting as an outsourced security director. This experience with multiple NGO clients has positioned FireWatch well in the sector to deliver bespoke services that are attuned to NGO needs.

Headquartered in southern California, FireWatch obtained its Private Patrol Operator (PPO) license in 2020, enabling the company to officially provide protective services in California. The company has provided executive protection, estate security details, and entertainment production security.

FireWatch is expanding to the neighboring states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. Security licensing in these states is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2021. Concurrent with the expansion of physical security services, FireWatch is launching its cybersecurity offerings. The intent is to offer integrated physical and cybersecurity services tailored to the client’s unique requirements.

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