Retail Tech Report Says Focus on Customer Required


A recently released A.T. Kearney’s report emphasizes the requirement for retail technology to concentrate on serving the customer rather than contemplating them. Only 13 percent of respondents stated they went to a big-box store because of “technology affiliated with novelty,” while 14 percent said they toured a specialty store for the identical reason. There are discrepancies among big-box shoppers and specialty customers, though. Consumers regard to specialty stores for customization and knowledge over the time-saving technology customers prefer at big-box stores.
The article encourages retailers seeking to connect the gap between customer experience and experience to guarantee that technologies meet particular consumer needs, and to match those investments with store employees who can work in tandem with the technology improvements. Retailers may wish to comprehend the example of Decathlon, and Sam’s Club to name recent examples, which have empowered their partners to serve customers throughout the market with the help of mobile checkout or apps.
Retail still has opportunity to grow when it grows to become a merging technology with brick and mortar. Another new study from the National Retail Federation announced that while 80 percent of shoppers think technology has enhanced their online shopping experience, only 66 percent stated the same for in-store purchasing. It’s the research and evaluation process that seems to be needed the most consideration, according to that article. That want to be informed before purchasing presentations opportunities for retailers to combine technology features across transactions platforms, from mobile to brick and mortar stores.