Samsung Fold Customers Facing Cancellation


Samsung Electronics has announced that it cannot verify the shipping date for “Galaxy Fold” smartphone, proffering an apology to its pre-order consumers in the US for the impediment. As per a report in Forbes on Tuesday, the South Korean giant has proclaimed it is going to commence automatically eliminating orders for its highly-anticipated foldable device that encountered problems with its performance as the display started giving trouble to the international technology reviewers.

Samsung acknowledged that currently, it is unable to verify the anticipated ship date still. The customers who pre-ordered the device was informed through an email from Samsung that if the company does not hear from customers and Samsung has not yet shipped by May 31st then the customers should anticipate that the order has been canceled automatically.

Those who have requested the USD 2,000 device would still receive the device if they clearly tell Samsung that they want to obtain the device.

Unless the buyers say so, the US Federal Trade Commission regulations suggest that Samsung must withdraw all Galaxy Fold pre-orders if it failed to introduce the device before May 31st.

Just at the moment, the smartphone industry thought that innovation in the smartphone business had hit doldrums, Samsung wowed the world with its preeminent foldable device “Galaxy Fold,” worth a significant price os USD 2,000. The super-premium smartphone that took approximately a decade in the making opens like a book when flattened.

However, the assumption took a beating when news of the Galaxy Fold issues came into light. The units given to international technology reviewers faced display distortion and screen flickering problems, forcing the South Korean giant to delay its launch in Hong Kong and Shanghai on April 23 and 24 sequentially and issue a recall of inspection units.