Siemens Inaugurates Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hub


Manufacturing production titan Siemens has stated the inauguration of its Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Chengdu, China. Started in May 2019, the plant consists of four sections: the Smart Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, the Industry Solution Research Lab, the Smart Manufacturing Professional Laboratory, and the Talent Training Platform.

Consolidated, the four modules will present all the necessary segments for innovation and utilization of smart technologies as Siemens seems to drive the extended digital transformation of manufacturing and the journey towards Industry 4.0 in China. Internally, the Smart Manufacturing Center of Excellence will incorporate five links, such as enterprise product design, production engineering, production planning, production performance, and services. The Smart Manufacturing Professional Lab is a transom for an innovation center to produce the services to the external world. While rendering communication and display, the laboratory sources may be employed to carry out collective research and practices combined with universities and enterprises. The Industry Solution Research Center shall give digital solutions for particular industries.

According to Tony Hemmelgarn, President, and CEO of Siemens Digital Industry Software, presently, the manufacturing industry worldwide is witnessing a new round of industrial alteration. Smart manufacturing, which is described by an accelerated confluence of information technology and manufacturing, has matured into a development trend.

It is pertinent to mention that the Innovation Center will also promote the smart and digital curriculum practice and certification system and encourage the interdisciplinary expertise on smart manufacturing not only understanding the product technology but also learning the analytical techniques in the digital industry.

Chengdu has a tremendous advantage in boosting China’s economic strategy development. Apprehending industry trends, encouraging corporate conversion and take-off, reflecting more surrounding areas, and even beginning the transformation course in the country, this is the collective vision of Siemens and the Chengdu administration. The center demonstrates Siemens Industrial Software Global R&D Centre, which began in the very location in August 2017.