Tech Leader Regily Announces Launch of to disrupt Online Sign-ups


Founded by Klarna Veterans, Regily streamlines user onboarding online with a guaranteed conversion increase.

(Stockholm, Sweden) – March 22, 2021 – Swedish tech leader Regily is making waves in the U.S with the announcement of a third-generation software aimed at replacing poor user experiences within registrations for online services. Introducing, which provides a SaaS framework for check-ins that helps online services worldwide increase their conversion. Online services that integrate the Regily framework on average see an 18% conversion increase.

The company’s unique SaaS offering makes them the world-leading supplier within check-ins, a position which is now further enforced with the launch of The software framework not only helps online services sign up users more effectively but also identifies them in the process and makes it easier for them once they return. All this achieved in one unified and user-friendly process.

“We are excited to launch, which will be key for us in our long-term vision to radically change how people all over the globe check-in to services online,” explains Kristoffer Cassell, CEO and founder of Regily. “We help our partners grow by offering their users the best check-in experience possible, no matter geography, device, or personal preference.”

The software increases the number of new customers with minimum efforts for online services. With one single line of code integrated into their front-end, they can offer their users globally adapted check-in flows right out of the box the framework is based on insights from millions of data points aimed to improve conversions. On a monthly basis, the company handles millions of sessions, offering users from nearly every country on the planet a locally adapted and fuss-free experience.

“The strong interest we see from investors makes us proud and energized to work hard to fulfill our vision. We have an exceptional and high-paced team in place here that collaborates across both continents and time zones and hope to communicate more exciting news before summer”, concludes Cassel.

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About Regily

Founded in Sweden In 2017 by Klarna veterans Kristoffer Cassel and Alexey Kuznetsov with the idea of replacing the existing and often complicated online processes for registrations, identifications and log-ins. The company has since then helped its partners get more users by providing a SaaS check-in solution that replaces the poor user experiences that are so widely spread online today.