The Growing Importance of AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become an essential part of our daily life, all around the world. However, there are growing concerns if AI will taking over the workforce and replace them with bots or other instances of machines. According to a recent report, almost 80 Mn jobs in the United States could be automated in less than a next decade. Although a step forward in technology, organizations may start to cut down on their workforce to introduce more automated labor. It is being anticipated that in the next few years the everyday human tasks will be transformed into automating manual labor, AI technology is no force to be reckoned with now. According to another report, almost 80 percent of enterprises all over the world are presently using AI technology presently in their product production; leading the AI domination is being spearheaded by Asia-Pacific followed by North America and Europe.

Almost 95 percent of business leaders predict that AI will have a significant impact on human jobs, also affecting the overall productivity of a company by 2030. There are numerous organizations out there that have invested in AI technology or are looking towards enlarging on that idea. Some of the conglomerates who have already implemented this technology include:

Amazon has always been one of a kind pioneer in innovation and creation field and is not a stranger to the concept of AI. The company uses a flywheel approach, which assists them to keep change flowing and permits it to spread to another department of the company. This approach allows different areas of the firm to use the technology. Accordingly what is used in one part of the company impacts the entire organization through innovation acting as a synergist for AI and other machine related technology.

Google can be described as the clear leader as they have acquired 14 AI startups over the past few years, Google parent company Alphabet is a clear leader with AI technology. The company’s largest acquisition of $600 Mn was U.K. based firm Deep Mind. Alphabet has its research and development department dedicated to its AI applications called Google AI. The AI branch concentrates on conducting research to discover the best ways to incorporate AI into various apps and making it accessible to everyone. At Google’s recent I/O conference, the tech giant announced several new AI services including Google Duplex as part of Google Assistant and many new updates to Gmail, Maps, and Photos. What interested people the most was the company’s proclamation on AI technology being worked with Google Duplex.

Volkswagen: When we think about AI technology, one does not necessarily need to correlate it with Alexa or products and services like that. At the beginning of this year, Volkswagen announced that it would be working with Aurora-a leading self-driving system company-to to introduce machine learning and AI technology in Volkswagen’s vehicles. The car-makers also stated that working with Aurora will give Volkswagen a giant leap forward to transform itself into the world’s leading provider of sustainable mobility, including self-driving vehicles.

Hence we can conclude that whether it is a car manufacturer or a tech giant, AI has impacted and is being incorporated in all the industries. As AI creeps into our daily lives, it is only a matter of time until it becomes a large part of society.