The Pentagon’s AI Center Requires a Cloud Integrator


The Pentagon is seeking vendors to stand up the hybrid cloud platform it’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will apply to build AI applications for the army.

The Defense Information Systems Agency recently announced a pair of solicitations regarding both small and comprehensive businesses to provide “system building & engineering and third party system synthesis services” for the JAIC’s cloud-based improvement conditions. The platform has known the Joint Common Foundation, or JCF, will work as the main building and proving area for the JAIC’s forthcoming AI tools.

Selected merchants would “support the acquisition, implementation, and development of a hybrid and multi-cloud deployable improvement and production platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence resolutions,” Pentagon officials announced. The JCF would also include multiple security enclaves, they replied.

As per the solicitation, the platform will enable the JAIC to create AI systems to meet the specific requirements of various Defense components and further lay the foundation for a broader selection of the tech across the department. Eventually, the platform would provide the necessary support “to rapidly develop, secure, test & evaluate, deliver and sustain [AI] abilities,” officials stated.

DISA expects to entertain an industry day for possible vendors in early January, release a request for the project in the second quarter of 2020 and award the contract by the end of the fiscal year, according to the solicitation.