A Visualization Technology that is Taking Introspection to the Physical Level


Say you go to a museum where you can view your body made up of atoms and molecules in the cells, which in turn are present in your organs, tissues, and bones. No, it is not a piece from the script of a sci-fi movie. A Salt Lake City-based startup Zenerchi is creating technology for developing medical visualizations that can be used by museums, healthcare providers, and anyone else who wants to see themselves in a way never before.

The founder of Zenerchi, Bryan Brandenburg, has incredible credentials as a scientific innovator creating several aerodynamics-based simulators leveraging AI. Apart from that, as the CEO of Zygote Media Group, he was the man behind visualizing the human anatomy, biology, and microbiology. He has also created 3D models of the solar systems, planets, space stations, telescopes, a lunar base, etc.

Brandenburg is backed by one of the most respected biotech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of Utah, Dinesh Patel, who himself is highly experienced in the medical and wellness realm of technology. He believes Zenerchi’s vision is appealing. A platform for educational entertainment, visualization technology can have a dramatic impact on healthcare and medical treatment all over the world.

The exhibit of the visualization would be ready for launch by the fourth quarter of 2020 in a Salt Lake City-based science-focused museum called The Leonardo, of which Dinesh Patel is also a board member. In the Asia Pacific, the exhibit will be launched via a partnership with China-based Pop Life Global.

Fractal physiology is a concept that Brandenburg is incorporating in Zenerchi’s products for the first time in the museum. Everything that exists in the universe, right from superclusters of galaxies to sub-atomic particles and quarks, there is an underlying detail in everything, which is the basis of fractal physiology.

The app of the exhibit will allow people to take pictures of one another to determine their age, bodily transformations, x-ray simulated vision, and so on. Unlike the plasticized version, Zenerchi’s exhibit will be manufactured and presented more scientifically and artistically with accurate displays of cells, organs, and anatomy.

The museum exhibit is simply a starting point. Zenerchi’s long term goal is to make the technology applicable not only in education but also as a medical science marvel revolutionizing the medical and healthcare sector.