MyTechMag’s Pharma and Life Sciences Magazine Edition for February 2022 is Out!


MyTechMag is blazing a trail again by collaborating with CobbleStone Software and Iptor to launch a new pharma and life sciences magazine edition.

February 2022’s magazine, which will cover recent trends in the research-based pharmaceuticals industry and a plethora of other topics, is now accessible on our website. Simply fill out the magazine request form to subscribe now, and our team will send you the magazine’s URL.


By converting news into knowledge and insight, we serve as an essential source of information and as the perfect breeding ground for unique ideas and the sharing of ground-breaking tactics that might improve your technological understanding.

We present an improved, sophisticated, and extensive platform that will provide knowledge seekers with a filtered picture of what they’re looking for.

Our technology journal is leading a transformation in providing informative articles presented incoherent yet straightforward language that can give a glimpse into the most recent technological developments.

Aside from covering the top pharmaceutical and life sciences technology providers to watch in 2022, the February edition will also highlight the various types of pharmaceutical technology add-ons that contribute to the pharmaceutical industry’s advancement.

Furthermore, we’ll look at how digital technologies contribute to the pharmaceutical industry’s success and make pharmacy management easier.

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Our Vendors

Our magazine’s popularity will be aided by our demonstrated success to reach a large number of readers through our brand, as well as the visibility and reputation of CobbleStone Software and Iptor.

CobbleStone Software

With expedited contracting and compliance management, CobbleStone Contract Insight® CLM software, a contract lifecycle management platform, may enhance life sciences and pharmaceutical contract administration.

CobbleStone Software has risen to new heights under the leadership of Mark Nastasi, Executive Vice President.

Cobblestone SoftwareHe has more than two decades of expertise in contract lifecycle management. CobbleStone’s year-over-year growth is fueled by his entrepreneurial energy, empathy-rooted entrepreneurship, modesty, and a focus on meeting clients’ source-to-contract management demands.

“For an internationally agile contract lifecycle management software experience, we have a broad global partner network, offices across the world, and global data centers. We have no intention of stopping on any of these fronts,” Mark explains.

CobbleStone Contract Insight can help firms manage many contracts more effectively, get more influence over contract lifecycle management, and shorten cycle times through a more efficient approach.


Iptor has designed an ERP solution that is pre-configured to satisfy the crucial demands of pharmaceutical distributors based on its more than 3 decades of experience dealing with pharma companies.

Iptor has a long history of offering ERP and supply chain management services for the distribution industry.

Iptor BannerThe corporation has been actively investing in cloud, digital, and mobile technology, culminating in the development of Iptor, its premier cloud-based ERP software application for the distribution, publishing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Iptor is solely focused on assisting its customers in reaching their maximum potential and offers a variety of deployment alternatives to suit their current and future needs.

Iptor offers a fast-track migration path to the cloud for enterprises currently utilizing traditional “on-premise” software, as well as an inbuilt connectivity and integration platform and leading fully secure cloud services.

As the owner, publisher, and content creator of the magazine, we will leverage our media network’s competence and strength to promote this new publication and connect with readers from all walks.

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