The Brain Inspired Computing Congress: The Neuromorphic Influence on Technology


April 21-22, Silicon Valley will witness the first gathering of experts focused on AI technologies inspired by the physiology of the biological brain. Leaders from Silicon Valley heavyweights such as Vicarious, Numenta, and Neuralink will be joined by enterprises like HP, Accenture, Hitachi, and institutions including the Department of Energy, Sandia National Labs, Oakridge National Labs, and IARPA.

As researchers and practitioners debate potential limitations of traditional deep learning methods and look to the brain for inspiration, the fields of neuroscience and computer science are increasingly converging.

This congress will provide an overview of these technologies in addition to deep-dive sessions on new architectures for neuromorphic chips, event-based sensors, and efforts to create biologically plausible algorithms.

Hear from:

  • Dileep George – Co-Founder: Vicarious
  • Subutai Ahmed – VP, Research: Numenta
  • Mike Davies – Director, Neuromorphic Computing Lab: Intel
  • Paul Merolla – Co-Founder: Neuralink
  • Yulia Sandamirskaya – Group Leader: ETH Zurich

The event is on track to sell out, off the back of successful Kisaco Research events including the AI Hardware Summit & Edge AI Summit. The Brain Inspired Computing Congress is the latest and most pioneering instalment in Kisaco Research’s AI & Technology portfolio.

To find out more, visit Prices will increase January 31st, and again on February 28th. Save up to $600 by booking today >

Press contact for the Brain Inspired Computing Congress

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Marketing Manager, Kisaco Research
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