Will the Biden Administration Retrofit 4 Million Buildings to Make them More Energy-Efficient?


EnergyX Solutions is helping to lead the clean energy revolution

TORONTO, Canada – (January 21, 2021) – President Biden has announced his clean energy plan for the next four years. His plan includes upgrading 4 million buildings and weatherizing 2 million homes over the next four years. The goal is to retrofit the homes and buildings to help them become more energy-efficient. Many people wonder if he will move forward with the plan. One company, EnergyX Solutions, is ready to help achieve that retrofit revolution toward clean energy.

“President-elect Biden is making a huge commitment toward achieving our collective clean energy goals,” explains Nishaant Sangaavi, the co-founder and chief executive officer of EnergyX Solutions. “This is great news for our environment and climate change commitments because it’s going to have a major impact on the energy sector not only in the US but around the world.”

Across North America, residential buildings alone are responsible for more than 10% of total energy consumption, and up to 80% of that is used for space heating, particularly in colder climate zones. It’s easy to characterize this as an unfortunate reality — we need to heat our homes. But that’s where energy efficiency comes in. A lot of the energy we use in our homes is not actually doing meaningful work. It’s wasted through cracks and gaps and drafty windows, or due to a heating system that’s simply not operating at peak efficiency. In a typical home, air leakage alone can account for 25 –40% of the energy used for heating and cooling.

One of the best ways to ensure a home is energy efficient, which is the first step toward clean energy goals, is to have an energy audit done. Energy audits are the first step in figuring out which retrofits a building requires to operate at peak efficiency. They are often required for rebate programs, and they outline where the home is losing energy and detail how much a homeowner stands to save.

The answer to whether or not President Biden’s plan will be carried out is essential in order to make sure that retrofit programs are cost-effective, and targeted where they will save the most money, reduce emissions most significantly and lift people out of energy poverty. Today, the way we collect this information is via an energy audit. Audits are resource-intensive, requiring both time and money, and as a result, only a fraction of homes have had audits. To meet our retrofit goals, we have to do more audits, and they must be done in a way that is fast, accurate and scalable.

Innovative technology like EnergyX’s Retrofit AI can perform these audits with the same accuracy as an on-site audit without ever visiting the home, thanks to machine learning and data science. This gives us the power to audit every building, identify those essential deep retrofit opportunities, and kick-start the clean energy revolution in a way that is informed by data.

“Innovative technology like Retrofit AI will allow us to audit the population at scale, segment the buildings, and enroll people in programs in a way that delivers energy savings and removes barriers to participation,” added Sangaavi. “Leveraging this type of cleantech will be essential in delivering on these policy promises.”

EnergyX Solutions is quickly becoming a leader in the clean energy revolution. It has raised $5 million in dilutive and non-dilutive funding and has had 100% growth each year EnergyX’s software is an artificial intelligence model that is data-driven, offering flexibility and strong collaboration with utility partners. It has been designed to offer program automation, workflow and vendor management, and can run a utility energy efficiency program end to end.

Utilities that use the EnergyX Solutions software are able to get the highest net savings per program dollar spent. Additionally, 70% of homeowners who use the software take steps to improve their energy efficiency; the software reduces the number of calls to call centers, helping to save companies money; and it offers fully customized solutions so that people get a unique utility customer experience.

To learn more about EnergyX Solutions, visit the site at https://www.energyxsolutions.com.

About EnergyX Solutions
EnergyX Solutions Inc. is an AI-powered SaaS company that enables utilities to increase customer participation in energy efficiency programs while simultaneously lowering the utility’s cost to engage and serve a customer. Its MIT award-winning technology is white-label licensed by utilities and government organizations to help them engage customers, manage programs and hit energy efficiency targets. To learn more about EnergyX Solutions, https://www.energyxsolutions.com.


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