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We follow a stringent procedure and only accept posts that match our rigorous quality criteria. Additionally, your writings must provide our audience with new information on any topic. Your content must be one-of-a-kind and intriguing, with fresh ideas. You will get a lot of exposure from our readership after your post is published. It would be available on our website and on numerous social media sites.


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The featured images must have a resolution of 1392 x 928 pixels.

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The designation of the executive must be clearly mentioned. You can also tell us if you have specific experience or expertise that qualifies you in writing this post.

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Provide a piece of explicit information about the name and other details of your organization.

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Include an author bio that should generally be between 50 to 60 words. It may be 1-3 sentences describing who you are, what you do, and/or your passions. Feel free to include connections to your firm’s website, LinkedIn page, and social media accounts.

In-depth high-quality content (800-1000 words)

MYTECHMAG accepts only top leadership content (article, whitepaper, case studies) from top-level executives of the industries and technology sectors listed on MYTECHMAG. The article must be written only after conducting extensive research. Please write an in-depth article with word count ranges between 800 and 1000. Shorter (but not less than 800 words) and lengthier entries are permitted depending on the topic.

The content must be written in an advanced level of English that is in-depth, error-free and fluent. Use eye-catching headings and subheadings to give your article a proper structure.

Content material that proposes fresh ideas and promotes discussions on issues and trends that interest our readers are our favorites. We may not consider publishing your essay if it contains complex jargon and abstract, blanket assertions.

Make your information easier to read by breaking it up. To improve the readability of your post, include headings, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual components. For visually appealing content, you must also include images, graphs, infographics, screenshots, and videos, all with appropriate citations. Images don’t have to be original (though they are fantastic); cite the image at the bottom with a hyperlinked “Image source.”

Unique content material is essential. We do not accept duplicate, plagiarized or syndicated content as thought-leadership content. We will be unable to publish your content on our website if it has already been published elsewhere on the web. If you quote another piece of work, include a link to it. We inspect everything, and if it’s not original, it won’t be accepted.

We will not republish content that has already been published. Examine previous MYTECHMAG’s content pieces to discover how you may contribute something fresh and unique.

How to submit your post idea

If you are interested, email us with a business email id at contributor@mytechmag.com along with the following details:

  • 2 to 3 topics (Relevant to the industries & technologies listed on MYTECHMAG)
  • Executive’s name and profile
  • Your official website URL
  • LinkedIn & Twitter profile links (Company as well as executive profiles)

Once you have submitted it, we will review it within a week and notify you by email once it gets approved. If we did not contact you within that time, that means your content or profile is not approved.