BioSO4 Oy – International Sulfur Management Professional in the Mining Industry


BioSO4 Oy offers a wide range of REACH-registered enrichment chemicals from major international manufacturers. The company’s main products are xanthates and Danafloat liquid collectors, which, together with patented sulfur recovery methods and developed BioSO4 passive filters, form an environmentally friendly whole for nutrient recovery in line with current trends. In addition to products with high product purity, we offer product and usage information related to the use of enrichment chemicals, quality monitoring of the products offered, monitoring the environmental impact of product use and a cost-effective door-to-door logistics service. We have been cooperating with our customers from the beginning planned production and with our extensive global network, we are able to help select environmentally friendly and cost-effective chemical solutions for mining projects even before the production begins.

The company’s strength in enrichment chemicals is its extensive product portfolio, good knowledge of the analytics and chemistry of enrichment chemicals and their environmental impact. Together with our customers, we have solved several challenges related to flotation and enrichment chemicals. Long-term cooperation with the best research institutes in the field, such as the Oulu Mining School of the University of Oulu, University of Eastern Finland and GTK, it has been a significant part of the company’s growth. With partners, the company is able to offer extensive enrichment process development work for international mining projects.

Heikki Mutikainen of the Youth Chamber of Commerce, Prof. Jouko Vepsäläinen

According to CEO Lasse Moilanen, the turnover of the company that started commercial operations in 2018 will rise to 1.4 MEuro/year in the current financial year. The goal for 2030 is to exceed 10 Meuro/year turnover. The four-employee company is located in Kempele. There are currently exports to ten countries. The main exporting countries are Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Armenia and Kazakhstan. 1.7.2021 Kinh Pham started as a new business development director in Vietnam to explore the company’s growth opportunities in Asia.

Good examples of the company’s strong global logistics expertise are Armenia, which is recovering from the war, and North-East Kazakhstan, which borders China, Mongolia and North-East Kazakhstan.

BioSO4 Oy Won the 2021 Productive Idea Competition

It has been great to build our expertise together with the Finnish mining companies involved in our commercial operations. In our company, we appreciate the excellent responsible work done by Finnish mining companies for the benefit of the environment, says Lasse Moilanen, CEO and partner of BioSO4, which has been selling global mining chemicals for last 17 years.