CDK Sign Anywhere Solution Launches Dealerships and Remote Signing Features


CDK Global, a prominent provider of integrated IT solutions to the automotive retail and other adjacent industries, proclaimed the launch of its remote electronic signing solution – ‘Sign Anywhere’. Now, the clients can electronically sign the vast majority of the Finance and insurance forms while buying a vehicle without being physically present at the dealership. Also, arrangements can get their sponsoring in hours following a vehicle procurement. This solution comes as a free addition to clients using CDK eSign.

Mahesh Shah, the Chief Product & Technology Officer and the Executive Vice President of CDK Global, say, “CDK continues to invest in products that will help our customers accelerate their digital transformation as we prepare for a new automotive retail landscape. Dealers can count on Sign Anywhere to enhance customer experience and expand their digital capabilities beyond the showroom floor without sacrificing time or security.”

Sign Anywhere has a huge arrangement of F&I forms in a single secure computerized location to ease the use by customers and vendors. Here, the sellers are liable for stacking forms into a Digital Deal Jacket (DDJ), while the clients can get to them by means of multifaceted authentication and electronically sign it at their convenience. After the signing procedures are completed, the dealers can securely advance with the sale of the vehicle.

In addition, the Sign Anywhere tool decreases the time taken by compatible lenders to subsidize completed vehicle acquirements for the vendor. Without this instrument, the system would take 4 to 6 days for lenders; fortunately, now it tends to be handled within 24 hours.

Michael Seeman, vice president, Customer Success, CDK Global, says, “At CDK, our customers’ success is what drives us, and we feel it is our responsibility to provide tools that will sustain their continued growth today and in the future. With Sign Anywhere, dealerships stand out from the competition with a new Omni-channel approach that gives customers convenient options to experience the car-buying process as they choose.”

Volkswagen is one of the foremost giants to release Sign Anywhere solution at its own VW franchises. VCI has perceived Sign Anywhere as a differentiator in the market and approached CDK to convey its vendors with a comparable arrangement.

Anthony Bandmann, Chief Executive Officer and President of VW Credit, Inc, says, “VCI and Volkswagen not only want to provide world-class vehicles but also world-class car-buying experiences that match the evolving expectations of our customers. Through a collaborative approach that focused first and foremost on the consumer, VCI and CDK worked together on equipping VW with a game-changing solution that is speeding up transactions for customers and providing a new avenue of cash flow for dealerships.”

At present, more than 400 VW dealerships and 3,600 vendors from multiple OEMs are utilizing Sign Anywhere arrangement. This solution has likewise helped the vendor with the consummation of 8,000+ vehicle purchases. CDK means to incorporate other national financial institutions (NFI) to this catalogue of Sign Anywhere creditors in the accompanying 6 to 12 months.