Devon Energy – Fueling development and change in Oklahoma through Various Initiatives


Devon Energy, which has successfully functioned for 50 golden years in the oil and gas industry, has significantly contributed to the growth of Oklahoma City and its residents. The company, which started with just five employees, is among the leading producers of oil and gas in the United States today. In the course of its journey, the company has worked tirelessly not just to achieve its own goals but to bring qualitative changes in people’s lives by supporting various initiatives.

Their actions are focused on developing community infrastructure and protecting the environment. For Devon, social service organizations and community initiatives take center stage in their community giving efforts.

Some of the organizations they have partnered with for various causes include – Boys and Girls Club, United Way, the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation Backpack Program.

Support for science and technology-focused educational centers

The Oklahoma City-based company has provided support for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-focused educational centers installed in several schools across the state through a partnership with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation.

Support for community programs

It annually supports community service organizations such as the United Way, local food banks, and emergency response organizations.

Support for allied arts

It also supports initiatives that improve people’s lives in other ways, such as supporting many local arts and culture institutions, including the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, National Cowboy, Lyric Theater, and Western Heritage Museum. They also hold an annual fundraising campaign for Allied Arts to support 40 local arts organizations.

Sharing love for nature and conservation

Devon takes a thoughtful, compassionate approach to help communities, and it does so by promoting and supporting various nature conservation drives throughout the state. The company is a long-time supporter of The Oklahoma Nature Conservancy and actively supports its various initiatives, such as – invasive species control, scientific research, and controlled burning for range management.

Being a good neighbor

Devon, which is Oklahoma-based, has played a pivotal part in helping Oklahoma City reimagine its downtown. The company has helped the city renovate the Myriad Gardens, repair and restore public recreation areas, remake downtown streets and sidewalks to create a fun and enjoyable environment for the residents.

It has also made significant contributions over the past few years toward renovating the Overholser Mansion in Heritage Hills, to help keep St. Anthony Hospital in Midtown, to help improve the city’s River District, and has regularly supported community events, such as Downtown in December.

Devon has always made sustainable development the cornerstone of its business strategy to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, creating in its wake an environment where the communities are supported and enjoy a good life.