Energy Cloud Hummingbird Air Purification System Eradicates 99.5% or Greater of Airborne COVID-19 Virus on the First Pass


Global engineering solutions leader Black & Veatch provides funding, key testing resources.

(SAN DIEGO, CA) — With indoor air quality more essential than ever with the infectious COVID-19 still active worldwide, eradicating the virus while it’s airborne is crucial to mitigating its transmission.

Energy Cloud, a clean-tech company specializing in healthy buildings and energy-efficient environments has a solution with its Hummingbird EQ, an air purification system that captures and deactivates airborne COVID-19 virus.

Hummingbird EQ with Air Vaccine technology was independently tested by a distinguished team of epidemiologists and professional engineers assembled by Black & Veatch – a global infrastructure leader vastly experienced in pathogen-tracking methods and construction of biological safety-related sites.

The technology’s deactivation of the virus was independently tested and proven with all Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) work performed within The Hastings Foundation and Wright Foundation laboratories at the University of Southern California (USC).

Hummingbird EQ was proven to capture and deactivate the airborne COVID-19 virus on the first airflow pass through the system by 99.5% or greater, reducing it to undetectable levels.

In the most comprehensive bio-aerosol study of its kind, Hummingbird EQ was tested by simulating a real-life airflow scenario, complete with the ducting, coil, and an air handler / forced air unit.

Testing included infectious aerosolized virus samples with simulated saliva that were more than 3,000 times the average infectious dose to prove hummingbird can thoroughly neutralize and remove any active COVID-19 virus from the air that passes through the system. The goal set out by the Energy Cloud COVID-19 response team was to test a scenario far greater than a normal real-life situation.

Testing also was performed with all Hummingbird models, confirming that they all deactivate COVID- 19 with no harmful ozone being produced.

Unlike other air purification systems, Hummingbird does not release or produce any airborne chemicals as part of its inactivation of viruses.

It can be installed and scaled to any size heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or used as a stand-alone unit in all types of commercial and residential settings including hospitals, schools, supermarkets, hotels, airports, offices, homes, and more, for superior air quality in any sized indoor environment.

Hummingbird EQ is unique beyond its virus efficacy as it includes:

-Air purification technology that decomposes VOCs and reduces bacteria, microbes, pollen, dust, dander, allergens, spores, fungi, mold, odors, smoke, and toxic fumes without producing any harmful ozone or biproducts.

-HVAC remote management with Hummingbird EQ AI technology allows cloud-enabled remote monitoring and management of HVAC systems, saving energy by providing real-time insight to equipment operation and efficiency.

-Indoor air quality monitoring with real-time air quality information for customers, employees, and property owners, for all stakeholders, to see the building air quality through Energy Cloud’s air certification.

The information can be seen through a QR Code displayed on the buildings outside doors and windows as well as web URL links that can be viewed on any computer or smart device.

Building owners who invest in having the best air quality for their buildings and business can show proof of their air quality with the QR code and unique URL provided for each building.

Funding for the development of the product was provided in partnership with Black & Veatch’s IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator.

SARS-CoV-2 BSL-3 resources were supported by a grant from the W.K. Keck Foundation’s COVID-19 research fund.