FlipFit Moves in the Next Stage of Social Retail


“Fashion shopping has forever been a social experience,” told Agha, co-founder, and co-CEO of FlipFit, in a report. “The decision for today’s purchasers to buy happens once they receive validation from friends and relatives, but e-commerce has made shopping very isolating. We are joining the social behaviors of shopping, which were earlier only possible offline, with a virtual experience.”

So he required to take the social aspects of Instagram and the subscription box and retail components of StitchFix to create the latest Los Angeles-based startup, FlipFit.

FlipFit operates by creating a social network based on friends and followers. The company isn’t obtaining from Facebook or Instagram but instead is trying to establish out its system from scratch. Users of the app are prompted to vote on selfies their friends take in different outfits. Each vote earns in-app cash that can be redeemed whenever someone buys an item ($10 for each unique voting user and $1 per vote).

As users vote on the fashions they like, they also can add clothes to a virtual wardrobe. When they’re available, they can select a few methods from that wardrobe to be shipped out to them to try on. If the user doesn’t like dresses, they return them.

The mechanics aren’t that distinct from several other online retailers, but the distinction is in the company’s decision to build an entirely new social graph. On the marketing side, the company is keeping 33% of the cash from any article sold. Its cut is higher because FlipFit manages all the back-end logistics of shipping and returns, according to the co-founders. “Flip is the development of social media and e-commerce — birthing the child of Instagram and Amazon and creating the original physical product marketplace where your likes and developments impact the products you receive,” states Rona Segev, a general partner at TLV.