ICS Financial Systems Enables Bank to Become Leader in Digitalization


Banks worldwide are struggling with the current digital revolution; however, ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS), the World’s Best Banking & Finance Software Solutions provider, is employing this disruption to its gain.

As a global software and services provider, ICSFS dedicatees itself to deliver a world-class digital solution to banks and financial institutions. With a fully integrated banking software, it allows organizations to automate and streamline their day-to-day operations.

Other than open banking, the financial segments can take the benefits of its solutions through cloud platforms and open application programming interfaces. ICSFS’s extensive channel drives empowerment through financial inclusion, thereby creating multiple touch-points to enhance the existing customer base.

In today’s digital age, the business has to stay alert and respond wisely to the challenges faced by rapidly changing financial market and increasing competition. With banking technology offered by ICSFS, banks around the globe can efficiently manage their operations, promote their services, and connect with customers.

With the usage of the highly sophisticated latest technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud availability, cash management systems, card-less payments, chatbots, agency banking, blockchain, smart contracts, wearable banking technology, and open APIs, the ICSFS permits banking institutions to meet the customer’s needs quickly.

By implementing this system, the organizations can offer more significant advantages to the consumers, including 24-hour availability, security, and transparency in the banking transactions.

Recently, ICSFS received ISV Partner of the Year at Oracle Partner Executive Forum.  Robert Hazboun, Managing Director of ICSFS, says, “ICSFS outrivals its peers by high-performance records and innovative technologies offered to its customers. We are honored to be recognized by Oracle as their ISV Partner of the year. This embarks another testament to our dedication and commitment to embracing business agility as a primary core driver in our products and services provided to our customers.”

Moreover, Iraq’s newly established bank – Al Wifaq International Islamic Bank, has chosen the ICSFS’s all-inclusive Islamic banking software called ICS BANKS ISLAMIC.

Zeyad Al-Samarra’ee, Deputy CEO of Al Wifaq International Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, says, “We have contacted around five software providers, and ICSFS was chosen among the rest. The selection process took six months, where ICSFS showcased the most agile software application, embracing high security and scalability, dynamic product building, unified solutions with smooth processes across business lines, and a wide range of digital touch-points.”

ICS banks are known for offering maximum financial efficiency for the organizations looking to improve their lucrativeness and reduce the operational costs. The system’s scalability feature is designed to aid the growth of banks and lead them through a prosperous business path.