IHT Recognized by Omnisense Systems as an Authorized Value Added Reseller


Invisible Health Technologies (IHT), a health tech organization specializing in Mass Fever Detection Systems, Far-UVC Light Solutions, and HyperHEPA Air Filters, reveals its appointment as an Authorized Value Added Reseller of Omnisense Systems Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System.

Sentry MK4 is one of the most dependable thermal fever screening systems developed with no-contact, 24/7 operation, and precision up to 0.1-degree Celsius. It aids the user’s experience with minor or no interruption. This system is deployed in Singapore and other Asian regions for more than 15 years, with tools dating back to the SARs pandemic. Its thermal fever camera filters the human body temperature and cautions the administrator if the individual’s temperature is out of the defined range and plays out another test.

IHT is helping the businesses with their COVID19 reopening plans and fever screening facilities. Andrew Southern, CEO, and Co-Founder of IHT, says, “The COVID19 pandemic impacted American businesses and their customers in ways that no one could predict. As the country starts to reopen, business owners must develop strategies that will keep employees and customers safe and give them long-term peace of mind when it comes to their health.”

He adds, “While we know this is not an end-all, be-all solution, and thermal fever screening systems need to be part of the toolkit available to business owners that also allows for minimal disruption to what the workplace or businesses used to look like. To maintain this sense of normalcy and morale for customers and employees as the country prepares to live and practice business in a new reality, we are offering the Sentry MK4 as it is the most proven, accurate mass fever screening technology globally available.”

IHT is solidly concentrating on conveying security and peace of mind for organizations and others who serve them. As safeguarding the employee’s and the client’s health forms a critical task for companies amidst COVID19, IHT ensures you feel safe and contented at work and with each other. The company believes that the right technology transforms this world into a new place with cleaner environments.

IHT, being the leading reseller for Omnisense Systems nationwide, is the foremost firm to introduce MK4 Mass Fever Screening System to the American market. This technology helps businesses look after the health and welfare of employees and lessen costly outbreaks. Several industries can benefit from IHT’s expertise, such as Commercial & Residential Buildings, Manufacturing & Logistics, Stadiums & Amusement Parks, Schools & Colleges, Shopping Malls & Retail, Assisted Living Facilities, etc.

Omnisense is one of the prominent leaders in fever screening technology and Sentry product family used in universities, airports, hospitals, commercial buildings, industrial plants, and other critical facilities in Singapore from 2009. This Singaporean corporation’s unique factors let people move freely in crowded places without having to stand in the queue for individual checks.

Sentry MK4 has turned out to be a vital solution for the modern world, seeking to safeguard the employees and customers in the light of coronavirus.