LeadingReach & Catalyst Enhance Patient Care to the Tune of $50 Million in Three Years


How good has been the real-time consumer tracking process leveraged by online shopping and retailers? Excellent, isn’t it? Have primary care physicians been as ahead as the retailers when it comes to tracking their patient’s healthcare cycle? The answer, unfortunately, is no. After an online referral, it must be perceivable whether patients consulted the specialists, took their medications timely, and went for the follow-up when required or asked to. We have not been able to harness technology on the healthcare front as much as we have done it on other sectors.

An association, however, between Austin-based LeadingReach and Texas-based Catalyst, is promising to make real-time patient tracking as viable as possible. With the setup of 650 independent providers of primary care and 85 members of care team, Catalyst is utilizing LeadingReach’s communication network to follow the patients. And the bottom line of this association is that Catalyst has succeeded in saving about $50 million in three years on LeadingReach’s network.

Most patients do not follow the healthcare plan. It is estimated that out of all the patients who receive a healthcare referral, only 50% of them visit their doctors on time, take medications timely, and in short, listen and do what their physicians ask them to do. The remaining half will end up in hospitals and spend more than what was required. This beats the very purpose of the ACOs who are there to safeguard the interests of patients by keeping them away from expensive healthcare.

LeadingReach is a network focused on providing best-in-class healthcare to the population for which patient tracking becomes mandatory to keep delivering effective care. Being one of the biggest healthcare communication networks in the United States, LeadingReach’s HIPAA-secure network delivers a proper channel to the physicians through which they seamlessly and effectively coordinate care via an electronic health record infrastructure.

This partnership began with mapping providers and specialists and then connecting them to the platform of LeadingReach, allowing them to send and receive information in real-time and know the status of the patients. With the increase in data points, communication and coordination become seamless. Physicians can now keep track of scheduled appointments and whether the patients are taking the right recourse on their course to healthy living.