IoTeX & Tenvis Partners to Develop New Ucam Security Camera Powered by Blockchain Technology


Wokingham, United Kingdom — 5 October 2020 — IoTeX, an open-source privacy-centric blockchain platform, partners with Tenvis, a China-based specialist camera manufacturer. As part of this partnership, both the companies have co-developed a new Ucam security camera. As part of the vision to bring privacy to the security camera, the Ucam device applies end-to-end encryption, blockchain, and advanced computing technology to give users more controlled ownership and privacy over the images they create using the device.

Powered by the IoTeX platform, Ucam uses blockchain for three purposes, namely, to provide secure login, video-sharing, and verifiable privacy. The device comes with an uncrackable and user-owned private key to prevent most common camera hacks such as forced password hacks and data breaches where the user’s credentials are breached by a company A and sold in the dark web, which then used to hack user’s account at company B.

To enhance the security of Ucam through secured login, Ucam’s private key can be used by the owner as an encryption key for end-to-end encryption of user videos. While an 8-character password can be cracked in a few hours and a 10-character password in a decade, the hacker would need 10^24 years to crack in the case of blockchain private key. The Ucam owner can only grant access to devices or videos in a peer-to-peer manner.

The Ucam device eliminates the need to have a centralized server for computing purposes as all the computing tasks are performed locally on the device or the user’s mobile phone. Compared to most of the apps and devices available today, Ucam does not decrypt your data on a centralized server where it becomes easily accessible and visible to anyone having access to the server. This element strengthens security and prevents privacy threats, especially when corporations have access to decrypted data, which may contain real-time footage of our homes.

The IoTeX blockchain platform that powers Ucam has been built from scratch in 2017 by engineers hailing from Facebook, Bosch, Google, Intel, and Uber. It is managed by more than 60 decentralized delegates like CoinGecko, DraperDragon, and Blockfolio. The company’s blockchain platform is claimed to be ‘ultra-fast’ and 5-sec blocks, pluggable IoT components), instant finality, and scalable. The platform adds IoT-backed services, dev-tools, and middleware.

The Ucam that uses blockchain to store security credentials and for encryption is now available on Amazon. The device does not store data on-chain.