PUBG Launching on PlayStation; No Longer Exclusive to XBOX


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has culminated as one of the most popular online multiplayer battle royale game and become a household name. The game has gained maximum momentum on mobile however when it comes to console, and the game has been exclusive to Microsoft‘s Xbox One only. But, that will not be the case, and Xbox will compete with its rival. Sony has recently announced the availability of PUBG for their latest PlayStation 4 console.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will come to PlayStation 4 on Dec 7. PUBG is currently available for various versions-PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS and will soon make its debut on the PS4 console. Different from other platforms, the PS4 version comes fully optimized and with all the features. When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds arrives on PlayStation 4, it will be contending with over a year’s worth of fandom for free competitor Fortnite, and as the more recent releases of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fallout 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, among the most sought-after ones. One of the reasons why PlayStation is teaming up with PUBG Corp to provide a physical Blu-Ray release and not 1 but 3 digital editions. Alongside, the firm is also offering pre-order bonuses that let players sports clothes and backpacks from hit PlayStation franchises “The Last of Us” and “Uncharted.”

Along with the goodies mentioned above, PUBG will launch with three iconic maps of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and a highly awaited new snow-themed map coming this winter. It will come with other features such as custom matches, event mode, trophies, ranking system and many other features which are available on its PC and Xbox edition. As per developers, PUBG for PS4 has been enhanced for PS4 Pro systems along with the support for HDR lighting on compatible TVs.

Apart from that, the game will be offered in four different editions – Disc Edition, Looter’s Digital Edition, Champion’s Digital Edition and Survivor’s Digital Edition. The Disc Edition, as the name suggests, consists of a disk having the base game. The remaining three will be available for download via the PlayStation Store. Like Disc Edition, the Looter’s Edition consist of a base game. Survivor’s Edition bundles base game, survival pass: Vikendi, 2300 G-Coin Pack and 20,000 BP. The Champion’s Edition bundles everything Survivor Edition has with 6000 G-Coin Pack instead of 2300 G-Coin pack. Players can also buy the Survival Pass: Vikendi exclusively for PS4, PC and Xbox One.