Radical Digital Transformation in Enterprise Architecture


LeanIX, a prominent provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application for powering Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Governance, concluded its 7th global #EAConnectDay conference showing how to accomplish radical digital transformation in just weeks. It uncovered the advanced type of Enterprise Architects (EAs) soon to turn into the new front of the digital revolution.

With over 1,700 IT professionals and business executives, the #EAConnectDay virtual event witnessed how top giants from various industrial segments such as software, manufacturing, and government have effectively embraced digital transformation policies, with some of them in just a few weeks.

Lucidchart, Atlassian, Ernst & Young, Apptio, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, LeanIX, Otis, and Vale Industries are some of those leaders who presented their best practices about digital transformation. The Enterprise Architect executive from the IT departments of these organizations was responsible for this successful transformation programs, making it the common element among them.

André Christ, CEO, and Co-founder at LeanIX, says, “The new face of digital transformation is your Enterprise Architect. Not every enterprise has a dedicated EA executive yet. Still, I predict that after the recent pandemic experiences — and how successfully EAs were able to guide rapid transformation initiatives — we’ll be seeing many more of them in the near future. In the case studies, we saw presented at EA Connect Day, these EAs are literally the superstars in the modern, agile, and data-driven IT department.”

Global mining firm Vale Industries exhibited how their Enterprise Architecture rehearses kept their worldwide supply chains unblemished in the midst of the COVID-19 episode. Besides, they shared about their digital transformation efforts such as standardization of IT developments and software applications throughout the supply chain, innovation hubs for collaboration and design thinking, and digital labs for prototyping. Their advancement community rushed to construct a set-up of 20 applications for 150,000 IT representatives that keep up consistent supply chain activities.

Atlassian, developers of Confluence, Jira, and other popular applications, utilize Enterprise Architecture to streamline M&A run-through. Atlassian’s EA has a goal to assimilate the IT systems from 14 acquired firms and attain the full IT value of acquisitions in 90 days. With the help of EA’s best methodologies, the newly acquired IT applications are road-mapped by day 14, and all-inclusive IT value from the M&A deal is obtained by the end of the third month.

Otis spun out from United Technologies Corp, was given only five weeks to stand up as an independent IT company, especially in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Enterprise Architect executive of this firm utilized LeanIX’s EA innovation stage and administrations to assemble the information about the association’s 900+ applications, clone-and-cleanse the information identified with Otis, and produce a business-adjusted innovation guide, and in this way be operational as a different firm in ten days.

The IT industry’s upcoming #EAConnectDay will be held on September 2-3, 2020, organized as a global hybrid event online and on location in Bonn, Germany. Calls are open now, seeking examples of EA stories in their company’s digital transformation.