The Bang Candy Store Gets a Sweet Deal from Cohub and Star Micronics


When Sarah Souther experienced a handmade marshmallow for the first time, it sparked a curiosity for the confectionary arts, and a desire to experiment with flavors. Soon after, she discovered an affinity for candy creation and launched The Bang Candy Company, an artisan marshmallow company specializing in high-end sweets.
Now a popular and successful business, the shop prides itself in its ability to create decadent candies, syrups, and other treats, without the use of preservatives, stabilizers, and artificial ingredients. It now serves as both a confectionery production space and a café where customers can enjoy house-made goods while watching the candy creation process.The-Bang-Candy-Stores-Deal-img2THE CHALLENGE
The Bang Candy Company has continuously experimented with flavors and creations and has added a wide variety of new items to its inventory. With the growth the shop has experienced, it needed a way to streamline its inventory management.

The-Bang-Candy-Stores-Deal-img2The store is located in an area frequented by busy tourists, so inventory lookup and checkout processes both needed to be sped up. The Bang Candy Company has also been looking to implement pop-up shops around the holidays, which required additional registers, but the expense presented an obstacle.
The Bang Candy Company chose to use an iPad-based POS system that allows for portability in order to accommodate the flagship store, as well as any future pop-up shops. The iPad runs Cohub software, which features detailed, real-time inventory tracking and management, and provides an easy way to search for items and filter results. Cohub was also able to create an app for The Bang Candy Company, which enabled them to integrate the Star Micronics TSP100IIIBi receipt printer with their POS software.The-Bang-Candy-Stores-Deal-img3The installation at the flagship store only required one system in order to suit The Bang Candy Company’s needs without exceeding the budget. In just a couple of hours, the system was installed and ready to use. Cohub trained the shop’s team on how to use the Cohub software and Star Micronics hardware. Because of the technology’s ease-of-use, training was fast and simple, and Cohub remained on-site the first day the software was rolled out.The-Bang-Candy-Stores-Deal-img4RESULTS
The Bang Candy Company has eliminated the need to manually look up inventory items, saving significant time during the checkout process. The shop now also has a way to easily track inventory, which is essential during busy seasons at the flagship store, and during holidays when pop-up shops are opened.
The solution made it much more cost-effective to get a second register for future pop-up shops the store may introduce. The Star Micronics printer also allowed the candy store to save on thermal paper, by giving the option to print or not print receipts. Additionally, when receipts are printed, they include a barcode on the bottom for easy returns.
Overall, the installation has made it significantly easier for The Bang Candy Company to manage all of its products. The software enables the company to improve the speed of transactions while reducing costs associated with thermal paper and additional registers.