The Philippines is Gearing up to Lead the Next Wave of Cloud Adoption, With Prominent Leaders Revealing their Vision at the World Cloud Show


The Philippines leads the way in the next wave of cloud adoption, with prominent leaders revealing their vision of the future. Supported by the DICT & ASIA CLOUD COMPUTING ASSOCIATION, joined by Oracle as a Premium Gold sponsor, Denodo as Gold Sponsor, and Snowflake as a Bronze sponsor in the presence of highly acclaimed speakers, pre-qualified business leaders, and top-tier solution providers – this 13th global edition of World Cloud Show has all it takes to bring a significant impact on the cloud landscape in the Philippines.

Thursday, 21 October 2021: Taking place on 28 October 2021, The World Cloud Show Philippines is now underway. The show will bring together the best cloud providers, vendors, solution providers, service providers, software developers, enterprise customers, academic institutions, startups, research institutes, government agencies, financial institutions, and leading cloud companies to forge new partnerships, and help lead the next generation of cloud adoption, with prominent leaders revealing their vision at the World Cloud Show.

This event will be attracting major industry players, bringing together the best in technology, IT, and media that provide the latest tools, solutions, and insights into future technology. The event is an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products and partnerships that will lead the next generation of cloud implementation.

WCS Oct 2021The event will feature a one-of-a-kind interactive online environment with informative and engaging keynotes, government and enterprise use-case presentations, product showcases, panel discussions, and tech talks, among other things.

An unparalleled collaboration of expertise

The notable speaker includes Leo Alvarado Senior Manager, Technology Cloud Engineering | Cloud Innovation Lead, Oracle ASEAN Philippines, Hon. Arnold Atienza Undersecretary for Emerging Technologies, DICT Philippines & Ms. Lim May-Ann Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association Singapore, Miao Song Global CIO, GLP Singapore & Dr. Franz a. De Leon – Director of Advanced Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology (DOST – ASTI) Philippines are among other top speakers.

Cloud storage is one of the most essential aspects of business today. Cloud computing is the process where your company’s valuable data is securely accessed from anywhere, through any device. But it comes with its own significant challenges. Cloud-First Approach, Enabling Digital Workplace with Cloud, Data Ownership and Privacy Challenges, AI-Powered Multi-Cloud Strategy, Data Management, and Security Enhancements will be some of the major topics at the event.

The Philippines has emerged as a leader in the growth of the cloud computing industry. The growth has been fueled by the country’s growth in the digital economy, the diaspora of skilled workers, and the addition of the cloud-native movement to its digital landscapesays Mithun Shetty, CEO of Trescon. He further added,Philippines is home to one of the most robust and collaborative cloud ecosystems in the world, with top companies and government institutions dedicating resources to the cloud”.

The show will be hosted on the virtual events platform Vmeets to help participants network and conduct business in an interactive and immersive virtual environment. Participants will also be able to engage with speakers in Q&A sessions and network with solution providers in virtual exhibition booths, private consultation rooms, and private networking rooms.

World Cloud Show – Philippines supported by  DICT & ASIA CLOUD COMPUTING ASSOCIATION, joined by Oracle, Snowflake, & Denodo as a premium Gold sponsor, Gold Sponsor, and the Bronze sponsor respectively.

About World Cloud Show

World Cloud Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in strategic locations/time zones across the world.

The Philippines edition is gathering pre-qualified CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Research, Industry Practitioners, IT Decision Makers, and Experts in Cloud Computing among others from cross-industry verticals. The show features exciting keynotes, government and enterprise use-case presentations, product showcase, panel discussions, and tech talks to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications of cloud-based solutions.

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