The Tomorrow of Healthcare could be in China


The healthcare tech change is coming—and China is going to be on the vanguard.

The country provides a fertile test business for how the rest of the world can digitally predict and maintain healthcare, said Ninie Wang, founder and CEO at Pinetree Care Group, China’s biggest provider of home health services.

Talking at Fortune’s Global Tech Conference in Guangzhou, China, on Thursday, Wang stated China gives a massive market, an aging population, and a capability to modify consumer technologies quickly. But we should be careful of technological solutions that propose entirely overhauling the way healthcare is addressed, said Wang. The key to delivering healthcare into a technologically integrated world will need nuanced collaboration between providers, engineers, and patients, she said.

“People in tech start speaking we are going to replace you, replace doctors, replace nurses, reinstate hospitals, and they are in love with their products or technology willingly than talking on a day-to-day basis with people who are now in healthcare and understand where the requirements are,” stated Wang. “Can we think of not disrupting their current way of living or working in healthcare, but try to find suggestive ways to disrupt the incompetence and cost-effectiveness (of care)?”

But others talking on the panel said that the healthcare revolution is still coming too gradually—and much of that is because of the physical limitations of the current regularities. “We haven’t quite had the revolution (in healthcare), and I think that’s because at the moment you still need a doctor or a nurse, it’s extremely labor-intensive,” stated Frank Hester, Founder, and CEO at TPP, a leading healthcare technology, and software business. “But I think the revolution will come,” he replied, while still increasing the voices of doctors and nurses.