Top Healthcare Startups to Have Raised Millions in Funding in 2020


Five top healthcare startups have managed to grab the attention of venture capital despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The millions of this investment are foreseen to bring critical innovation to the healthcare system.

Lyra Health received a $75 million in the Series C funding round in March 2020. The financing was driven by Menlo Park, California-based investment firm IVP. The firm intends to utilize this financing to improve its innovation and broaden the psychological well-being provider network.

Located in Burlingame, California, Lyra Health lets the employers offer staff access to personalized, high-quality mental health care. Since its inception, the startup has gained over one million users, and now serves some of the top clienteles such as Uber, eBay, and Genentech. Previous Facebook CFO David Ebersman established Lyra in 2015. It has now closed over $150 million.

In April, Visby Medical has successfully closed $70 million in funding round. It incorporates a noteworthy contribution from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It will utilize it’s subsidizing to manufacture a gadget platform that makes diagnostics quick, exact, and accessible. Visby Medical is one of the most projecting San Jose, California-based healthcare startup, a part of the Scientific Research and Development Services Industry.

It is an infectious disease diagnostics firm working towards changing the way the people leverage diagnostics. With around 100 employees, the startup follows a human-centric, technology-first approach to device development.

Olive, the Columbus, Ohio-based healthcare startup, raised over $51 million financings round in March. This funding round was led by one of the prominent venture capital firm General Catalyst. Established in 2012, the organization computerizes, tracks, and enlarges monotonous, high-volume errands and processes utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) arrangements. Its AI-based model offers top-quality products that aim to enhance patient care and reduce administrative error.

Olive is not merely a fundamental Robotic Process Automation (RPA) arrangement. Its advanced machine learning skills and computer vision, alongside fundamental RPA, delivers impact-driven strategies to AI implementation, with immediate and long-term value to healthcare facilities.

A Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company, Q32 Bio, has raised a $46 million in series A funding round in May, led by Children’s Hospital Colorado Center for Innovation and the University of Colorado. This biotechnology startup develops treatment for individuals with extreme autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses.

The company focuses on restoring immune homeostasis by providing safer and effective therapies that treat patients with underlying immune dysregulation. The work of Q32 Bio focuses on targeting endogenous regulators in the body’s intrinsic and versatile immune systems.

IntelyCare, the Quincy, Massachusetts-based startup, has closed $45 million in Series B investment round in February, led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures. Founded in 2016, IntelyCare is an on-demand healthcare staffing solution known to help skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers. Their business has around 50 personnel.

IntelyCare constructs intelligent workforce management software for post- intense healthcare services administrations. Its unparalleled matching technology lets nurses and CNAs pick up shifts directly from the mobile application.