World-Class Cyber-security


A Swedish web application security startup, Detectify has recently announced its latest financing course of €21.5 million. Detectify was incorporated in 2012 by a group of elite Swedish decent hackers who set out to give every business the same level of security as the world’s largest software corporations and Government security services. Detectify does this within ‘Detectify Crowdsource,’ an invite-only ethical hacker interface. This network allows top-ranked security researchers to proffer vulnerabilities, which are then created into the Detectify automation platform, combining the best of human imagination with machine learning to implement safety.

This Detectify Crowdsource network has encountered rapid growth, with the community modules possessing already found 110,000+ accountability in Detectify’s customers’ assets in the last eighteen months. The ethical hackers are rewarded every time their submitted module recognizes a vulnerability on a customer’s web apps. As each described vulnerability could help Detectify secure hundreds of web apps via automation, ethical hackers in the Crowdsource network have a much more widespread impact than in traditional, manual ‘bug bounty’ plans, which only benefits a given professional.

In the last year, Detectify has increased its client base in the US, counting cutting-edge software businesses such as Trello, Spotify, and KING as customers. Alongside this, they are mainly focused on building a diverse and strong team; almost half (45%) of the company’s employees are female, inclusive of 50% of the C-level, and they have close to 30 countries between their Stockholm and Boston services.